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Issaquah, T & P Cleaning is your go-to window cleaning company! Clean windows lend a great deal to the overall appearance of a house. Your windows are often the first thing people will notice when they're passing by your house, simply because they're most immediately apparent in your line of sight. If your windows are clean and sparkly, it creates a great first impression of overall cleanliness.

If your windows appear grimy and dirty, especially from a distance, the curb appeal of your house takes a mighty blow. Bottom line, clean windows matter more to your house than you think.

Most homeowners don't enjoy cleaning their windows. The task itself can seem like a tedious time sink. It's also frustrating to work toward that "perfect" level of clean only to see that you've missed spots and left streaks.

Issaquah homeowners, does that sound like your attitude toward window cleaning? Then let us take care of the work for you with our expert window cleaning services.

When you hear the terms "pressure washing" and "window cleaning" together, it's sure to conjure images of broken glass and soaked floors. We can assure you that you won't see those things when you hire T & P Cleaning. We've served customers in Issaquah for some time now because we take the time to work safely while getting the job done quickly.

In short, we care about your house. It's a priority for us to leave it better than when we started working on cleaning your windows.

Expert Cleaning Services From Issaquah's Friendly Neighborhood Pressure Washer

We offer a myriad of services to keep your windows nice and clean, from screen cleaning to exterior window cleaning. Read a little more about the window cleaning services we offer our Issaquah clients below.

Interior window cleaning

Interior Window Cleaning

A clean exterior window surface means nothing if the inside is dirty! We'll give your windows a streak-free clean on the inside as well as the out.


Exterior window cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning

Hard water stains and grime building up on your windows? Let us treat them to a refreshing exterior soft wash service.


Track cleaning

Track Cleaning

Window tracks are the easiest place for grit and grime to hide. Our expert track cleaning service will make them shine again in no time.


Screen cleaning

Screen Cleaning

The porous surface of a screen makes it a prime place to accumulate dust, dirt, and grime. Our screen cleaning service will make them new again.


Screen repair

Screen Repair

Screens wear out over time, making it easier for unsavory outside elements to creep into your house. Prevent them from making their way in with our screen repair service.


Issaquah neighbors, is it time to clean your windows? If so, call us today at 360-477-1254 to get a quote or book an appointment for window cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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